Greater Efficiency, Productivity, and Participation

Give us the word, and for the price of a couple of pizza per month, we’ll have your portal ready in just two days, branded with your look, and we’ll personally train you.

247Toolset is a highly configurable online platform built – not to replace – but to extend and enhance the capabilities of your current web site by giving you access to modules and functions that you may not have today.

We erect our platform adjacent to yours so that it looks like your web site’s branding. In under two days, we’ll get the site up and running to start any necessary customization, and we’ll train you personally.

Used by universities, non-profits, politicians, grassroots organizations, schools, and businesses, no other tool empowers you with so much flexibility.

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“247Toolset has been one of our greatest assets – it’s extremely comprehensive and intuitive. The response from support has been top notch and super quick. We really appreciate what it has done for us and I believe we are only scratching the surface of what it can do for us in the future. Thank you!”
— Aaron Payson, I.T., McSally for Congress

“I am writing to express my appreciation for your software and my gratitude for the support you have provided. It is a monster job to run a campaign. Your software has helped me greatly. In the past, I tried to manage all communication with volunteers in Business Contact Manager for MS Outlook 2010. It did not work well at all. Now, within moments, I can query the 247Toolset database to identify volunteers who can help with a specific task in a specific county. Mobilizing the ground troops is essential. Thank you!”
— Norm Redhead, Campaign Manager, Sheriff Mack for Congress

“I love how much easier it’s been this year. This has definitely helped our organization. We had the option of using some other online packages and chose 247Toolset, and I am so glad we did. We get personal attention and we saved thousands of dollars.”
— Deb Holwegner, Director of Development, Camp Hertko Hollow

“I have found my entire experience with 247Toolset to be easy, a pleasure, collaborative, and responsive.”
— Julie Forsythe, Talent Pool Director, MWIPI

“I feel like I’m a computer expert for the first time in my life!”
— Kathy Carley, Administrator, Carley for Iowa

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